The Benefits of PEX Pipe by Greg McKinney Mineola TX

Greg McKinney
3 min readMar 15, 2021
Pex Pipe

House flippers and handymen are quickly learning about the many benefits of using PEX pipe in a remodel. There are several different options when replacing waterlines in an old house but we have discovered none are better than PEX for a residential application.

PEX, is actually cross-linked polyethylene. A type of plastic that has many benefits over other traditional options such as PVC or copper.

Other types of pipes cannot be bent easily but PEX is flexible which allows the installer to use less fittings. Cutting pipes increases the labor cost, material cost and time spent working on the project. Also, the fewer fittings you have the less likely you are to have a leak but when properly installed it is almost impossible for a PEX fitting to leak. PEX also has a neat manifold where you can shut off just the water to certain areas or rooms of your home.

The instillation process is very easy. There are even fittings which allow you to easily switch from traditional pipes to PEX.

PEX can also withstand extreme temperatures of hot and cold and it will not break. It can hold up to water temperatures up to 200 degrees. PEX can also withstand temperatures below freezing much better than other options. It is almost impossible for PEX to crack.

PEX cost much less than traditional plumbing such as copper. It’s cost is comparable to PCV but it’s easy of installation make it much better choice.

PEX is also extremely durable. Copper and galvanized pipe will corrode over time. PEX is resistant to scale, corrosion and rust, and other damage that water may cause. When using PEX you will not have brown water from the pipes or a metallic taste to the water. Also no noisy rattling pipes as well.

However, PEX is not ideal for all situations such as some commercial or industrial applications. One problem PEX has is it will break down in sunlight over time. It can also be damaged by fire, heat or very high amounts of chlorine and other chemicals.

If you are remodeling a home such as a pier and beam house and the old plumbing is easily accessible, I highly recommend replacing it with PEX. Oh, I’m Greg McKinney from Mineola Texas and we recently remodeled a home learning a valuable lesson. It was an older home pier and beam home. The old galvanized pipes had been replaced with PVC about 20 years ago. We thought they were fine so we left them. Big mistake. We recently had temps below zero here in Texas and all of the PVC pipes broke. We had turned off the main water line to the home and opened all of the faucets but there was enough water remaining in the lines to break every line in the house. We then had to replace every line with PEX. It would have been much easier to do weeks earlier when we had the floor removed during the remodel.

For most residential applications, PEX is an excellent choice. It’s also an excellent choice for those who want to tackle projects themselves to save a little money.

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